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Guided tours during your South Tyrol holidays

On the move with our guides

Are you not in the mood of going cycling alone? Going together is not only more fun, but it also affords our guides the opportunity to inform you about the region and its people:

  • our junior boss Lukas accompanies you to the most beautiful destinations every Wednesday
  • on the other days, the guides of the Roen Bike School will take care of you.
The advantages of guided tours:

  • Individual advice upon registration
  • Groups put together according to ability and experience
  • Special information on what equipment is needed for each day
  • Tour briefing with special features
  • Tips for the correct bike settings
  • Tips on correct cycling technique during the tour
  • Panorama highlights and photo stops
  • Information on the region
  • Selected places to make a stop and take a break Reservation, regional dishes
  • Insider’s tips:
  • Organisation of transport there and back where necessary
  • No minimum number of participants
  • Max. 10 people
  • Goes ahead even in case of bad weather (the route may be adjusted accordingly)
  • Punctual start 

  • Bike check before the beginning of the tour
  • Appraisal of participants
  • Info on the level of difficulty and obstacles
  • Knowledge of the terrain
  • Current trail conditions
  • Information on weather and dangers
  • Knowledge of first aid (guide)
  • Plasters and bandages (guide)
  • Repair set and replacement parts (guide) 

  • Only tested guides lead the tours! 

The rates for guided mountain-bike tours

1 guided bike tour  € 32,00
1 guided bike tour + rental bike  € 45,00
3 guided bike tours
 € 90,00
3 guided bike tours + rental bike  € 120,00
GPS device with a bike tour of your choice
(about 30 tours to choose from)
 € 15,00

 What do I need for my guided bike tour?        
 and what would also be nice...                             
Helmet  First-aid kit
 T-schirt to change into Repair kit
Warming jacket Map
Rain protection Spare socks
Spare tube Small snack
Drink Suncream
Telephone Cycling shorts + arm and leg warmers
Rucksack Bike shoes or shoes with a stiff sole
Health and endurance Gloves
Pumpe und Tool Glasses
  Some meney

1 geführte Biketour  € 32,00
1 geführte Biketour + Leihbike  € 45,00
3 geführte Biketouren   € 90,00
3 geführte Biketouren + Leihbike  € 120,00
GPS Gerät mit einer von Ihnen ausgewählten Biketour 
(ca. 30 Touren stehen zur Auswahl
 € 15,00

Was brauch ich für meine geführte Biketour?           
 auch nicht schlecht wäre...                                         
 Helm  ein Erste Hilfe Set
T-Shirt zum Wechseln
Wärmende Jacke Landkarte
 Regenschutz Reservesocken
Reserveschlauch Kleine Verpflegung
Getränk Sonnencreme
Telefon Bikehosen + Armlinge und Beinling
Rucksack Bikeschuhe oder Schuhe mit steifer Sohle
Gesundheit und Kondition Handschuhe
Pumpe und Tool Bille
  etwas Geld

Offers and vacation packages

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Gasthof Restaurant Terzer
Family Otto Terzer
Obergasse 5a
I-39040 Kurtatsch | South Tyrol
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